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  1. my little girl…

    Hey there..
    she isn’t mine anymore. what a big deal huh?? Yeah, she is my pretty girl. I alwayz think about her. A very cherfull girl I ever met. First time I saw her, I’d thinking that someday I’m gonna be the special one for her. I try besides her. I always happy when she come to me and say hello with her smiling face. Actually, it’s made me do nothing coz I’m fallin’ in love.

    But, I think it’s too late. No more herself. I know it’s gonna suck for me. What a broken heart..

    Now, I post it because I miss her already. I can’t call her although just to saying goodnight because I have to let her go with her new life. I’m really happy for her right now coz I knew she got a better one to fulfill her life. Congratulations both of you. I just wanna say to hers new boyfriend, “hey dude, please take care of her, dun’t make her tears down once and dun’t ashamed to dancing with her coz actually she is a good one..^__^